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I've always been deeply committed to delivering the highest level of professionalism and quality in everything I do. When it comes to custom short video editing, I try my best to deliver the best media possible.

My approach to short video editing is built on  attention to detail and excellence. I take great pride in my technical expertise, but it's not just about the "techy" part for me. I view video editing as a form of storytelling, and I strive to transform raw footage into great media that can interact with audiences across various platforms. I would be so grateful to have the privilege of working with loyal clients who rely on me to bring their vision to life.  from instagram reels to informational videos, highlight reels to lyric videos! Any type of short form video I can do.

So please fill out the form at the bottom of the page if interested.

short video editing

I can do any video under 7 minutes


I made freedom forever a one year accomplishment year video showcasing what they accomplished in their first year, freedom forever is awesome and I work with them on many projects, thank you freedom forever!

I made a video for my family to see about part of how we got our dog, this is very rough, took me about 10 minutes, I did the captions by hand, next time I will use auto-captions.

Liam Starbuck

I MADE A VIDEO FOR MY DAD (@robbystarbuck) about the rabbit I found in our front yard that then ran into our garage, we couldn't find the rabbit until 3 days later, we then released him.

Liam Starbuck

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